Chapter II

Games of Instinct

A surprise arrival in the form of Zachary Styles – a confused and uninformed Nosferatu neonate, unceremoniously dumped on the doorstep of the next pack Esbat. Turned out to be Minister Shaw’s childe, and one of few survivors for a shovelhead party in Toronto, a few weeks prior. Reasoning that the wretch had earned his right to unlife, Minister Shaw took him under his wing to educate properly.

The hard way, naturally.

Another new arrival was Hassan, who had been ordered to the meeting spot by post, and was unsure what to expect. Did not seem overly thrilled at his new company, but was swiftly brought in line by Minister Shaw, who reminded him of his place in the new pecking order.

At the newly installed Ductus Taylor’s suggestion, a Game of Instinct was scheduled. a very memorable Destruction Derby – Ductus Taylor drawing on his own experience of being new to the pack, when the now deceased Ductus Lowell organised something very similar. It was a memorable match to say the least, with Hassan deploying his bodyguard to act as a sniper, and the other team arriving in a spike bedecked estate.

Most notable moments:
  1. Zachary being knocked onto his own car spikes by the sniper’s bullet
  2. Sam submitting freely to a silent frenzy, launching himself viciously at Zephyr, straight-razors drawn.
  3. Minister Shaw ending the game by hurling Zephyr across the street to get him out of Sam’s way.



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